Personal Care
Personal Care

Agencies and Government Support Services for Disability

At 9D Care, we understand how complex the specific and individual requirements of different people who live with a disability are, as well as their desire to be as independent as possible when at home. We are among the leading agencies and government support services for disability available in Melbourne.

Every special needs personal assistant in our organisation can provide many specialised personal assistant services for disabilities. If you have any specific preferences, language or cultural requirements, we can arrange these for you to deliver the best personal aide for disabled patients based on your needs.

Personal Care

Our team of personal care workers and special needs personal assistants go above and beyond to make sure that help is given to individuals who are in need. We provide a disability assistant to help your loved ones live in the comfort of their homes.

We provide services to suit their needs, including a personal assistant for a disabled child or living facilities for disabled adults. Our workers are patient, caring and responsive to the individuals they support.

Our personal assistant services for disabilities include daily assistance in showering, grooming, toileting, dressing, eating assistance, getting in and out of bed, meal preparation, companionship, basic foot and skin care, personal hygiene, and other types of personal aide for disabled people.

How to Access the Benefits of the NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is designed to assist people with special needs with the help of agencies and government support services for disability. 9D Care is a NDIS plan management provider that is registered with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

The NDIS will fund reasonable and necessary living facilities for disabled adults and children, including:

  • In home services
  • Therapies
  • Equipment
  • Modifications to the patient’s home
  • Mobility equipment
  • And more

Contact Us Today

If you require personal assistant services for your disabilities either at home or in public, the special needs personal assistants at 9D Care are available to provide personal aide for disabled people. Feel free to contact us by calling 1800 717 678 for further information on how we can help.


Our team can come to you to discuss face to face your needs and discuss how we can best support you to achieve your goals. Contact us today to arrange an appointment.