Plan Management

Plan Management

NDIS Plan Managers Melbourne

NDIS Plan Management Provider

Our Plan Managers are responsible for paying invoices from providers for the services you receive. A Plan Manager is also responsible for providing you with information to enable you to manage your plan effectively, such as spending statements.

Plan Managers are one of the four ways that you can manage your funding through the NDIS, the other having invoices sent to the NDIA for payment, or by self-managing your funding, or a combination of these methods.

Our Plan Managers can enable you to access more Service Providers than you could access if you were NDIA Managed.

Plan Managers are a financial intermediary support. Basically they are the connection between you, providers and the NDIA. Our Plan Managers can remove the headache from managing payments for services you receive from providers.

    Participant Details

    Do you have a Plan Nominee Registered with NDIS? Only the Plan Nominee can sign 9D Care’s Plan Management Service Agreement. A Plan Nominee is someone who can legally act on your behalf for your NDIS plan

    Participant Details

    By clicking the button below you are entering an agreement with 9D Care to provide Plan Management services to the Participant nominated in this form.

    Once we receive your request we will start the process to setup your account and obtain further information from the NDIS/NDIA to manage your funding. In the coming days you will be provided a copy of your 9D Care Service Agreement along, a Welcome Pack to assist you using your Plan, Login details to our Plan Management Software, and Privacy Consent Form to authorise 9D Care to provide information to Providers or others involved in provision/management of your Supports where required.


    Our team can come to you to discuss face to face your needs and discuss how we can best support you to achieve your goals. Contact us today to arrange an appointment.

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