Does your NDIS Plan Cover Plan Management?
03 Sep, 2021

Does your NDIS Plan Cover Plan Management?

For participants who are eligible, we highly recommend utilising NDIS plan management to assist in managing their NDIS plan funding.

Meet Dhiren!

I spoke to one of our experienced 9D Care plan managers, Dhiren, to get some further details on how he manages the needs of his participants.

When asked about services, Dhiren stated “We benefit all our clients by actioning their requests instantly, as we prioritise their needs accordingly before ours.”

He explained that plan management enables participants to focus on their goals without having to worry about the financial obligations. At 9D Care, we fulfil each participant’s budgetary requirements and make payments to service providers on their behalf. We also conduct weekly follow ups with participants to ensure they are happy with the ongoing services and clarify their queries, if any.

Recently, the father of one of Dhiren’s participants urgently requested a new support worker to provide self-care activities for his son. Dhiren liaised with the participant’s service coordinator who handles their service schedule. As part of our NDIS plan management services, Dhiren worked with her to explain the need and investigated the plan budget to assist her in arranging a suitable support worker. By the end of day, he had arranged the funding to cover the new need and worked with the coordinator to get the updated schedule of supports signed by the participant. The participant’s father was extremely happy and thanked Dhiren for providing quality services to his son.

How Plan Management Can Help You

Plan managers for NDIS help to ease stress for participants by taking responsibility for handling financial obligations and budgeting requirements. They do so by keeping track of due payments and paying various providers on the participant’s behalf. Participants are also made aware and given full visibility as to how their budget is being utilised through funding statements, provided by their plan manager. 9D Care’s plan managers send these statements to participants monthly, unless required otherwise. As part of our NDIS plan management service agreement, we are also always available by phone or email to assist or help participants with any questions they have regarding their funding.

9D Care plan managers pride themselves on handling funding with the utmost care. Our primary focus is assisting participants in achieving their set NDIS goals and helping them to utilise their funding in the most beneficial and sustainable manner. Our NDIS plan managers follow a process in how they manage client funding.

Below are the steps taken once 9D Care is selected as your plan manager of choice:

1) Accessing the participant’s NDIS services and having the providers send the invoices directly to 9D Care.
2) Obtaining participant approval for these invoices weekly.
3) Claiming for these services from the NDIS portal directly and making payments to the providers on the participant’s behalf.
4) If any upfront costs are incurred in relevance to a participant plan from their side, they will be reimbursed for the same.
5) Monthly funding statements will be issued to ensure participants receive accurate information about their fund utilisation in the respective support categories.

9D Care provides these services for all the support categories under one’s NDIS plan highlighted as “Plan-Managed”, which saves time and effort and helps participants to focus more on their NDIS goals and receiving proper disability support.

Our NDIS plan management team can also offer support that goes beyond the above, depending on the participant’s need. Additional forms of NDIS plan management they can handle are listed below:

1) Manage your funding and provide timely updates on your spending.
2) Action invoices after your approval and pay the support providers on your behalf.
3) Provide reimbursements for any upfront costs incurred by you towards your plan.
4) Answer all your queries immediately.
5) Process invoices and bills for the services provided to you within 7 working days.
6) Access choice and control of registered and unregistered providers while we administer your funding.

If you have any further questions regarding NDIS plan management and how we can assist, please email or call 1800 717 678 for a detailed discussion.

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