NDIS Support Coordination in Melbourne
21 May, 2021

NDIS Support Coordination in Melbourne

One of the key sectors of NDIS services is support coordination. We highly recommend that our participants who have the allocated funding available, utilize working with an NDIS registered support coordinator.  We have a team of highly skilled NDIS Support Coordinators in Melbourne who can help participants to connect with and receive supports from a service provider of their choice.

Support coordinators help participants to build skills that assist them to successfully understand and utilise their NDIS plan. NDIS support coordination in Melbourne can take some of the stress of service coordination away from the participants, as their support coordinator can manage necessary communication and work with different service providers to ensure the participant’s NDIS plan goals are being met.

Another way in which they aid participants, is by preparing for plan review meetings with NDIS planners. This is done by completing the necessary work, such as gathering all valuable information to ensure the new plan meets the participant’s desired goals. Since they develop a relationship working closely with the participant and are experienced in the field, they can effectively identify individual participant needs and ensure that the services in place align with optimising the participant’s plan and getting the most out of the funded supports.

A disability support coordinator will also communicate any issues with different Service Providers on behalf of the participant, if any appear. The support coordinators work in line with NDIS policies and procedures to ensure services are being handled correctly.

Below are some of the additional tasks which NDIS Support Coordinators can assist participants with:

  • Helping individuals to understand and navigate the NDIS so they can act independently
  • Arranging any assessments needed to determine an individual’s necessary funding levels
  • Assessing a participant’s NDIS plan to have a conversation about what is possible with the funding and breaking down the plan for them to make it easier for them to understand
  • Helping participants by giving them options of various service providers for them to choose from
  • Negotiating with an individual’s preferred service provider to develop fair service agreements and help them understand the conditions in the service agreement
  • Assisting individuals to resolve any conflict or issues with service delivery
  • Aiding for a participant’s plan review

NDIS support coordination providers in Melbourne, will assist participants to optimise their plans to ensure that they are getting the most out of their funded supports. They differ from Specialist Support Coordinators as SSC’s are funded for participants with additional high or complex needs. Specialist Support Coordinators assist participants to manage challenges within their support environment and lesson hurdles for utilizing one’s NDIS plan. Following evaluation of an individual participant’s need, the NDIS would allocate funding for the participant to receive support coordination or specialist support coordination assistance.

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