How a Regional Area Coordinator can help you!
03 Jun, 2022

How a Regional Area Coordinator can help you!

What is a Regional Area Coordinator?

At 9D Care, our biggest priority is ensuring that our participants are well taken care of. Part of our commitment to doing this is by having a regional area coordinator assigned for all of our participants. This ensures that there will just be one person taking care of the services for a particular participant and they can provide greater detail to attention to the participant’s plan and NDIS goals. A regional area coordinator is a disability workforce care coordinator. They manage all support services related to a NDIS participant.

Once you are onboarded as a participant with 9D care, your regional area coordinator will be the one to contact you to introduce themselves and organize your services. They will maintain regular contact with you following this to ensure services are running smoothly and take feedback for how they can improve your experience with us.

What are the benefits of having a regional area coordinator manage my services?

One of the benefits to having a regional area coordinator is that they are familiar with the area in which you live and can tailor your services accordingly for added convenience. Finding support workers and cleaners that are located in the same region as our participants allows us to be able to fulfill most late notice requests and arrange services in a faster timeframe. Our coordinators have a database of support workers and cleaners in each area. For services such as community participation this is especially beneficial, as the support coordinator will be familiar with the area and therefore better assist participants with finding activities in the community. With this, we are also to have closer relations to our support workers. We care equally for our participants and support workers and pair them up accordingly.

Our organization takes additional measures to assure that your support worker will not be randomly selected but will be a trusted employee who can match your needs. We also always set up a meet and greet that is done prior to beginning any services for added comfort of the participant. Only in the event that we do not have an available, existing support worker in your region we will organize a new support worker who matches your needs. If you at any point feel that you are not receiving the best care from your support worker, you can contact your coordinator and they will try and resolve any issues you are facing with the current worker or find someone new for your support.

Our regional area coordinators are committed to being there for participants and take an empathetic approach to organizing services. We understand the frustrations that come with navigating the NDIS and try to make the process as simple as possible. Our coordinators find a good balance between personal and professional relationship. They conduct home visits, so participants have a face to put with the name and feel more comfortable when speaking to the coordinator.

Another benefit to having a regional area coordinator, is that they offer another outlet of NDIS support for participants. Our coordinators can help participants understand any changes in their plan, or price guide changes as well. If the participant is facing any issues with their current support coordinator or plan manager, they can also share this information confidentially with their regional area coordinator. The coordinator can then additionally help them to manage any gaps in communication or to get in touch with the correct contact within the NDIS to manage such issues. We go above and beyond to make sure our participants feel comfortable, and their goals are being achieved.

Contact us to organize an in-depth discussion with one of regional area coordinators today! 1800 717 678.

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